TAKE EVERY OPPORTUNITY YOU CAN TO LISTEN TO THE BUZZ… your customer - or community - is talking about you!


  • Blog Networks/Communities - we create, grow and manage your communities for you
  • Conferences and Events - we capture the buzz before, during and after the event
  • Market Research - we provide closed or open feeds that deliver consumer feedback
  • Marketing and Promotions - propagate information and bring about global conversations instantly
  • Custom Blog Networks – from local to global, broad or granular, we deliver it


  • InDepth creates a daily publication of blog content relevant to your business
  • We create, curate and deliver hand-picked custom RSS feeds on any topic, trend or event
  • Our blog networks are managed end-to-end, from set up and research, to daily publications and analytics
  • We harvest the buzz from the Internet so you don’t have to — ensuring all feeds are on-topic and noise-free
  • We provide you with a daily collection of high-quality content that is compelling, contextual and coherent
  • The human touch allows our team to carefully curate and highlight only the most useful content to match your specific needs


  • Whether it’s building a buzz, increasing traffic, or getting critical feedback, we create a destination for your customers and partners hungry for more information
  • We create a unique network of industry experts and real people already passionate about your product, event, topic or service
  • We provide a feedback loop of market research and analysis critical to achieving market leadership
  • Our hands-on approach to custom content curation has been maximized in ways previously not possible with automated RSS feeds
  • The end result is a highly detailed knowledge base that is searchable and scaleable


  • You provide us with your goals, marketing strategy and editorial guidelines and we curate the most compelling content for you
  • The human touch is essential to our success.  We use real people to navigate the digital landscape emphasizing quality over quantity
  • We highlight relevant content with strategic quotes and create dynamic headlines for maximum click-through
  • Our team has over eight years experience in best practices to optimize your curation process on a daily basis
  • Integrating the final result is easy to deploy and scale. We provide a custom RSS URL code snippet to embed in your Web site